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Improving Healthcare One Life at a Time

CloudPixel is a digital solutions provider focused on the Healthcare industry. We manufacture hardware and develop applications that helps improve the healthcare industry

What We Do


Custom Development

High performing enterprise-ready applications that are secure, scalable and specifically tailored to your unique use case


The first and only cloud-based ACO healthcare solution. Better collaboration, communication, and coordination across the network.

Strive for Simplicity

We manufacture hardware and develop software that go hand-in-hand to ensure compatibility and simplicity. Our user-friendly and intuitive solutions make it super easy for anyone with no technical background to utilize them. We are changing healthcare one solution at the time by targeting and eliminating inefficiencies and friction in the healthcare industry delivery model.

Fast-track Cloud, Mobile, Web, and Desktop

AI, VR, Voice, Chatbots and other cutting-edge services

Every company is a technology company. The way you use your information assets will determine how successful you will be in meeting the ever-changing expectations of your customers. We partner with our clients to create software that fits their needs, sets them apart from the competition and gives them a competitive advantage. 

All-in-One Kiosks and Digital Signs

CloudPixel’s Hardware solutions can help you maximize your ROI while creating a better customer experience. They are suitable for all industries.

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    Various Screen Sizes

    Sizes begin from 21" all the way up to 98". The most popular sizes are 32" and 43", which are often used for indoor wayfinding.
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    Multi Touch Screen

    Infrared 6+ point touch screen with standard 1920x1080 resolution. Brightness starts at 400 cd/m*2 with a contrast of 4000:1
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    Custom Design

    Outstanding Engineering Team dedicated to crafting highly custom kiosks.
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    Enterprise Kiosk Management

    Reliable remote Enterprise Kiosk Management platform that allows you to control all of your kiosks centrally with ease from anywhere in the world.

Across Your ACO


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