Removes Friction And Improves Your Customers' Experience.

Empower your customers to self-serve. Self-service allows you to provide services and support to your customers without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company. Self-service is not only cheaper for your organization but is desired by your customers, it provides them with what they want most; Fast Response Time.

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All-in-One Floor Standing Kiosks

CloudPixel’s All-in-One Kiosks can help you maximize your ROI while creating a better customer experience, which makes them suitable for all industries.

All-in-One Wall-Mount Kiosks

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    Various Screen Sizes

    Sizes begin from 21" all the way up to 65". The most popular sizes are 32" and 43", which are often used for indoor wayfinding.
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    Multi Touch Screen

    Infrared 6+ point touch screen with standard 1920x1080 resolution. Brightness starts at 400 cd/m*2 with a contrast of 4000:1

Custom Built Kiosks

We have an outstanding Engineering Team dedicated to crafting highly custom kiosks and platforms for a multitude of clients in several industries. While most clients don’t require custom kiosk designs, there is a percentage of customers who need custom designed kiosks for their specific use case. If you need a custom design, our kiosk designers will consult with you on how to build your kiosk components to meet your branding and functional needs.

Total Solution Design

Based on the unique project requirements, our team will design the kiosk from the inside out. The enclosure (external) design with measurements is typically provided by the customer to meet their aesthetic and branding requirements. Kiosks can be designed for indoor or outdoors.

Management Platform

Our kiosk management application will provide security by preventing users from using unsanctioned applications.
Set up and manage your kiosks centrally from the cloud, All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Manufacturing and Testing

Our manufacturing process is robust. Most orders take less than 2 weeks to get manufactured and stress tested.
All of our outdoor kiosks are weather proof and must undergo water ingress protection testing and solid particle testing in accordance with the IP65 code standard.

Enterprise Kiosk Management Platform

Reliable remote Enterprise Kiosk Management platform that allows you to control all of your kiosks centrally with ease from anywhere in the world.  Our Control Panel will help you group your kiosks per location and receive statistics for each kiosk. Admins will feel empowered right away 

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    Kiosk Protection

    The kiosk app ensures that your content is playing on the kiosk in full screen and doesn't allow the users to exit the app.
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    Content Management

    The Control Panel is full of features and options designed to help manage your kiosk fleet remotely and easily.

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